NEUROPEA was founded in 2006 as a consulting company in Bratislava. Our competitive advantage lays in the synergy between a strong public affairs practice and sound media communication services.

With more than ten specialists in communication and public affairs, NEUROPEA offers solutions that make it possible to achieve client´s goals effectively and efficiently. For specific projects requiring special knowledge and expertise, the agency can rely on a group of tried and tested freelance specialists.

Specifically in the communications field, NEUROPEA boasts solid media relations and a strong network of key opinion leaders. Furthermore the agency is experienced in formulating messages and train clients in delivering them effectively. With NEUROPEA’s help, clients can effectively reach their target groups, successfully prevent crises, increase brand awareness and improve company image. “We help clients to meet their goals. Our goal is their success.”

Public Affairs:

Our primary goal is to be long term and reliable partner. Areas such as legislative lobbying and relations with the public sector requires full trust in the ability of our team to properly analyze the risks arising from proposed changes in laws or other legislation for the area of client´s business.


We are a full service PR agency. In the process of developing communication strategies we use the most effective tools, we identify the appropriate topics, key media and direct contact journalists.

Our assets are reliability, creativity and excellent knowledge of the media environment.


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Contact person


Diana Dobrucká, Senior Consultant
Diana Dobrucká, Senior Consultant


Diana has almost 20 years of professional experiences in Public Relations and marketing. In NEUROPEA she works as strategic advisor in communication, she leads preparation of strategies, communication with potential clients, crisis communication, media trainings and the pharma team. Diana specializes on PR and PA in healthcare, public health projects and corporate communication and CSR. Diana occasionally shares her knowledge on an academic field, with university students.
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