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Neuropea changes its visual identity

Dominant typography, minimalism and a use of geometric shapes. These three characteristics capture the new visual identity of Neuropea, which was in 2017, after ten years in business.


Growing Kafune – Romania’s newest coffee brand

It is early to say this is FreeComm’s best achievement, but it definitely stands out among the bigger ones – Romania’s newest – and hottest – coffee brand, Kafune is now reaching out to the markets with a full throttle ad campaign.


3 projects, 2 shortlists and 1 prize: Neuropea’s work between best PR projects of 2017

Nestlé – I know what I eat, CBRE – Office of the Year and Novartis – One roof; Neuropea´s three projects competed for the prestigious Slovak PR prize Prokop 2017. The expert jury chooses the best PR communication projects of the year in several categories in Slovakia.


Welcome in Warsaw – CEEASC annual meeting 2017

Every year a CEEASC member agency hosts a meeting to share knowledge with the network and discuss joint business development opportunities. The last gathering was held between October 5-6, 2017 in Warsaw – productive and fun time!