A little about us

CEE Alliance for Strategic Communications (CEEASC) is a regional network of public relations agencies in Central and Eastern Europe. With members from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia, it offers high level business communication support for companies interested in Central and Eastern Europe. Through the regional partnership the involved agencies are able to manage client service across borders, reach media markets of CEE countries and carry out communications programs covering several countries in the region.

Our joint values and core strengths

Our joint values

CEEASC brings together agencies from different geographic areas and with different cultural backgrounds. Yet, all member firms share the same values in the way we approach communications and in the way we do business.

We follow high level of ethics and work on the basis of mutual trust. Be it a client-agency or an agency-agency connection, that’s the bottom line.

We are dedicated to the communications profession. We know it, we do it, we speak it, and we sometimes dream with it.

We give advice and develop communications solutions based on decades-long experience and expertise in the specific communications and business fields. Communications is indeed intuitive, but your intuition is polished by the hundreds of situations you managed over the years. And we have that.

We respect clients and partners. We respect their goals, their interests, their vision, their employees, their products. Our work is based on the fact that we believe in them and we want to help them achieve their dreams.

We are all communicators, and we all have a business mentality. We understand our clients’ business goals and logic. We know what entrepreneurship is. We all are entrepreneurs ourselves.

We’re not just there to serve you. We go ahead and propose you the solutions you then want us to provide you. We’re proactive and creative.

And whatever we do, we do it with responsibility and reliability. So you can have the peace of mind that we are doing things with the same care as if you were doing them yourselves.

Core strengths

All member firms in CEEASC have their own features and specialties. DBM is the crisis powerhouse, Free Communication offers you integrated solutions, Genesis PR is the master of capital markets, Goodwill Communications is a strategist and Neuropea offers the best combo of PA and media communications. Yet our core strengths are shared among all CEEASC members.

We offer the highest level of efficiency, flexibility and value in all markets. We do not make any compromise on that point.

We offer our clients innovative communication that brings business results. Without that, communications would just be a nice act.

We specialize in difficult projects – and solve them successfully. You can call us the ‘Expendables’ of the market – just that we are not that old.

Our alliance gives us unparalleled understanding and experience in regional issues. Maintaining regular contact, being involved in shared projects gives us a view beyond our national borders.

We are the effective support for companies expanding in the CEE markets. We are local, everywhere. And all connected.

We have gained experience with both multinational and local companies in the region. We understand you – even if you come from here or if you come from somewhere else. And can help you understand how to communicate here.

We offer our clients quick response and in urgent issues a 24/7 availability. We want to be there with you in every moment that matters. You can rely on us.

Our Members



CEEASC Member from Slovakia

Thanks to the synergy of public relations and public affairs, NEUROPEA helps the clients map and cultivate the business environment, effectively achieve their goals, prevent crises, increase brand awareness, and improve the overall image of the company, both internally and externally.
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Goodwill Communications

CEEASC Member from Hungary

Established in 2003, Goodwill Communications is a strategic communication agency with strong advisory and implementation capabilities.

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CEEASC Member from Poland

GENESIS PR offers a full range of PR services. We are strongly specialized in corporate and financial PR, as well as in investor relations and crisis management.
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CEEASC Member from Romania

FREE COMMUNICATION was founded in 2002 by a team of independent professionals, with the mission to prove the strategic role of PR communication in creating competitive value for its clients.

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DBM Donath Business Media

CEEASC Member from Czech Republic

DBM has been providing public relations and public affairs services in the Czech Republic since 1991. Over one hundred major Czech and international companies have been served by the Prague-based PR agency since.

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Our Services

aq_block_1-Strategic Corporate Communication

Strategic Corporate Communication

Business success lies in creating and maintaining a consistent and long-term communication strategy. Our members are the professionals of this field.

aq_block_1-Financial Communication and Capital Markets

Financial Communication and Capital Markets

This is a special area of corporate communication that implies communication programs which either serve financial service providers, or other businesses communicating intensively in financial topics.

aq_block_1-Media                                         Communication

Media Communication

In the media unique expertise is required and our consultants boast several-year experience in the media, thus they can make intelligent choices of the tools which suit communications goals the best.



Be that social media management, website development, graphic design or video content creation, our communicators are ready to undertake any online communication task.

aq_block_1-Public Affairs

Public Affairs

Legislative lobbying and public sector relations require the ability to properly analyze the risks arising from proposed legislation for the area of a client´s business. We offer you the confidence your issues are in the right hands.

aq_block_1-Crisis Communication

Crisis Communication

A complex corporate communications system must involve crisis communications plans and manuals which help prepare for and manage unexpected and foreseeable events alike.

aq_block_1-Consumer communication

Consumer communication

Our members bring their strategic approach and deep understanding of client businesses, as well as creative solutions to B2C communication.

aq_block_1-Employer branding

Employer branding

Attracting and retaining the best employees is crucial to business success today. Our state-of-the-art expertise in employer branding and internal communication will help you stand out from the crowd.

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